Welcome to sassy-yogi! I am really proud to reveal this website to everyone, because I have been thinking for the longest time to finally have a site of my own for my own content, yoga advice, and musings. Special shout-out to Anne who gave me very valuable tips on setting up this website. I wouldn’t have done it without her help.

By the time you see this post, I think this website would have been a few days old. I took a couple of days to make some tweaks here and there, and I am pretty happy with the final product so far. I am definitely going to add in more stuff and improve on this as I go along! Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, comment below and I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

It has been nearly a year since I have started sassyyogi on tumblr last April. Β What started as a personal yoga diary transformed a loving community and to date, and I have over 15,000 loving individuals following me on tumblr and counting! The amount of love and support I get on there is just amazing. Sometimes I can’t quite believe that I have made very memorable friendships and met some of the loveliest people on there.

Here is what you can expect to see from this website:

Angie’s Yoga Guides

I will be coming up with brand new yoga guides at least twice a month! Useful yoga step-by-steps, as well as yoga routines for any time of the day! This will also include a breakdown of various sun salutation series, and tips and tricks on getting into a certain pose. It’s yoga made easy!

Yoga Hacks

Similar to “life hacks” that we always see around on the Internet, I will be introducing useful yoga hacks that will make your yoga experience much more enjoyable. I will be answering any questions you may have about your first yoga class, your first yoga mat, or the kind of yoga gear that you should get.


Short form for yoga inspirations, this is basically my life’s musings, random thoughts, and learnings from my yoga practice.


I will be doing product features, studio features (as I go studio hopping), food features, all sorts of features that you can think of.

I will definitely be adding more segments to this website that I think will be useful for everyone. But above all, I hope you guys are as excited about the launch of this website as I am! Be sure to keep a look out of upcoming posts and like, comment, and share them! Namaste <3

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