For the first instalment of the Yoga Guides series, I am going to bring back some of the old favourites from my tumblr family. I have taken a hiatus from making yoga guides for some time now, but I already have 2 new yoga guides in store for you guys for the next few weeks, and trust me, you are going to find them so useful in your daily life or to incorporate them into your fitness routine!

One of the most popular yoga guides that I have made, which has garnered over 8,000 notes on tumblr, would be the yoga guide for runners. I was a runner myself in the past, and I know the various problems that regular runners may face, especially when they put stretching into the back burner. There are so many problems associated with the lack of stretching, with increased chances of injuries one of the key problems.

Do this routine after your run, and this will aid in muscle recovery, and with increased range of movement due to improved flexibility, it will make your running much more efficient too! Want to clock a new PB for yourself? Maybe you should start trying this after your run!

1. Passive Standing Forward Bendtumblr_mvmpasNAhA1qjefdlo6_1280

Holding on to opposite elbows and with your feet shoulder distance apart, slowly drape your torso over your legs. Slowly sway from side to side, opening up your hamstrings and calves. As you exhale, slowly deepen your stretch.

2. Wide-Legged Forward Bend tumblr_mvmpasNAhA1qjefdlo3_1280

Widening your stance, deepen your stretch by using your peace fingers to grab on to your big toes. As you exhale, pull your torso towards your legs, feeling a nice stretch at the back of your legs.


3. Low Lungetumblr_mvmpasNAhA1qjefdlo8_1280

You can either do a passive version with the tops of your feet touching the floor, or a more active version where you balance on your toes only. Keep your gaze facing forward, balancing only on the tip of your fingers. Stay here for as long as you desire.


  4. Lizard Pose 

For lizard pose, use a yoga block if it gets a little too intense for you. You do not have to get down on to your forearms. You can be on your palms if that feels good for you.


5. Pigeon Pose 

This is a passive hip opening pose, so feel free to stay here for as long as it feels good. You can also go into resting pigeon pose, with your torso draped over your front leg, resting on your forehead. Keep breathing & feel the force of gravity opening your hips.

6. Mermaid Pose 

If your hips feel open and if you feel good in resting pigeon, come into a mermaid pose to stretch your sides, deepen the opening of your hips and challenge your balance. This also opens up the side of your torso. Feel free to stay here as long as you feel comfortable.

Modification: If your hips feel really tight and pigeon pose (+ the other variations) is very uncomfortable, place a rolled towel or a yoga block under your groin for additional support.

 7, 8, and 9. Downward Dog & Three Legged Dog Variations

Downward dog is a great pose to stretch out your calves. As you come into your downward dog, try to melt your chest towards the ground, and make sure your arm pits are pointing towards the ground and not flayed outwards. Reach your back heel towards the ground, and you’ll feel a nice stretch on your calves.

To deepen your stretch, come into the three legged dog. Feel free to open your hips in your three legged dog. This not only stretches your calves but also opens up your hips.

tumblr_mvmpasNAhA1qjefdlo9_1280 Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.00.40 PM tumblr_mvmpasNAhA1qjefdlo5_1280 

10. Seated Forward Fold tumblr_mvmpasNAhA1qjefdlo1_1280

End off with a seated forward fold. Try not to round your back too much by shifting your gaze to your shins or toes rather than your knees. As you inhale, straighten your back. As you exhale, melt your torso towards your legs.

Feel free to come into a child’s pose or savasana to end off your stretches if that feels good for you.


Did you find this yoga guide useful? Has it improved your running and work out routines? Let me know by commenting below, and if there is any yoga guides that you want to see, let me know too! Have a beautiful week ahead! <3

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