It’s crazy to see how fast time has flown – it seems like just a few days ago when I posted March’s yoga challenge, #blossomingyogis, with a bunch of other tumblr yogis. Of course we are going to be hosting April’s yoga challenge together – #AprilIntentions. I am really excited about this, and I hope you are too!

We will be hosting primarily on Tumblr, and definitely will be posting occasionally on Instagram as well. So remember to give us a follow if you haven’t so you won’t miss out on the yoga challenge! (Links will be provided below)

It’s really apt that the theme of this month’s yoga challenge is all about intentions. Whenever I go to yoga classes, we are often asked to set our own intentions – our personal aims (physical or spiritual), or to dedicate our practice to anything and anyone that matters to us. This really relates to my personal yoga practice, especially when I feel lost or discouraged, I always go back to my intention of being present. Being present, to me, means forgoing the past and not worry about the future. Being present is about letting those thoughts come and go like water flowing through a river. Be present means being acutely aware of your physical being and resting your body at its most natural state.

Being present is going back to the basics.

For the past 2 months I have been struggling with my yoga practice. My life has been hectic with an internship and the time out of office is spent resting or spending time with my loved ones. At one point yoga was thrown to the backburner and my practice stagnated. As I felt discouraged with my practice, a quote I came across on Instagram stuck out to me:

The grass looks greener on the other side because you forgot to take care of your own grass.

Which is so true when I look at my own yoga practice. I got so caught up with what I couldn’t do and forgot about what I could do and what I can continue to do.

But, April is coming and that means a brand new month and a brand new start. I just signed up for a 10 class package at a yoga studio near my office and I am going to make an effort to go twice a week at least, and home practice for the rest of the days. I think that has been pretty manageable for me so far.

And I am going to be a lot more active on this website and on my tumblr as well! This yoga challenge will be a great way for me to stay engaged with my own yoga practice and with my fellow yogis.

My intention is to be present, to be disciplined, to be focused on what I eventually want to achieve, and of course to have fun all at the same time.

So, remember to watch out for #AprilIntentions on tumblr hosted by Marion (@mayonhoopga), Rachael, Rae (@raeyogi), Ola (@oladonig), Roxan, and me (@sassyyogi)!

Do you have a personal intention for April yet? What are some of your personal aims and target that you want to achieve? Do you have concrete plans to achieve your aims? Share them below! 

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