And April is finally here! I don’t know if any one is as excited as I am, but it’s a brand new month and I am excited because of our new #AprilIntentions yoga challenge on tumblr (check it out if you haven’t!), and I have been pretty happy balancing work and yoga so far. I am really glad that I have been able to find time after work to go for yoga practice – and going to the yoga studio twice a week is a huuuuge improvement from January and February. So, I’m happy.

Recently I have been scrolling through my old yoga photos. Since starting sassyyogi I have been documenting my yoga journey, from my first arm balance to my first headstand and to my various progress shots. Sometimes they are great in reminding you how far you have come in your practice, especially on days when you feel discouraged or disconnected with your practice.

It is important to celebrate little victories in your yoga practice. Or rather, it is important to celebrate little victories in life. They make you optimistic, happy, grateful, and contented. They keep your yoga practice playful and positive. They make you focus your yoga practice on yourself as a benchmark, and not on others can do. There will always be people better or stronger, but there’s only that one best version of yourself that you can strive to be!

So, I would just like to share some of my little yoga victories of the past few months. This is not just to celebrate my little victories, but also to remind you to celebrate your own little victories too! It can be taking a before/after photo, it can be making that conscious effort to go for 1 more yoga class that week, it can be being a little more mindful of what you eat every single day!

Some of my little yoga victories:

1. Better hip and hamstring flexibility,
compass comparison
My first compass pose (left) vs. getting the hang of compass pose (right)!
ย 2. Better balance,
dancer comparison
My dancer’s pose around 8 months apart!
3. Better back flexibility,
wheel comparison
Wheel pose around 2 months apart!
4. Better upper body strength,
fallen angel
Easing into fallen angel!
5. And most importantly, having more fun in my practice!
One of the 19807132 photos of my silly yoga face

It can be anything or everything. Remembering to celebrate these little victories is essential in any journey of your life – no matter whether it is fitness or non-fitness related.

Share with me your victory of the day! What’s the one thing of the day that you have done for the first time, made a little improvement, or just feel happy about? <: Looking forward to hear from you guys!

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