May is right around the corner and with a brand new month comes another brand new yoga challenge! This month, I am doing something a little (or a lot) different from my previous yoga challenges. The theme for this month’s yoga challenge is the idea of spontaneity, which explains the hashtag for the month #popupyogis. Spontaneity encourages people to have fun and to let go of their reservations or inhibitions. And I hope that through this month’s challenge, it will help others rediscover the fun and playfulness in their practice.

Instead of the regular 31 days worth of yoga poses, this month’s yoga challenge is going to be made up of 3 mini challenges: 7 days of ____, 5 days of ____, and 3 days of ____.

The theme of these mini challenges will only be revealed the day before the actual challenge starts! And that’s the fun of it, to encourage yogis to stop, drop, and do some yoga! <: So, remember to check out my tumblr to see when I will be revealing the first mini challenge, and jump into the mini challenge with me!

What’s special about this month’s yoga challenge is not just these mini challenges. My friends at Barefoot Yoga Co. are giving up 1 yoga mat to a pop-up yogi! Simply take part in all 3 mini challenges and stand a chance to win a Hybrid Eco-Lite yoga mat!

Hybrid Eco-Lite yoga mat!

I will also be doing a product review on the Hybrid Eco-Lite yoga mat soon on this website, so remember to keep a look out for it! <:

So who is the Barefoot Yoga Co.?

Based in Seattle, Barefoot Yoga Co. is founded by Kelly LeFebvre, who during her trip to India in the 1990’s, realised the importance of a good yoga mat. The company was conceived in India from a deep love and respect for the ancient practice of Yoga and its benefits to the human spirit. Inspired by the beautiful and colour patterns that she sees as she goes about her daily life in India, Kelly then designed the original yoga mat bag back in 1996. The Barefoot Yoga Co. prides itself on Earth-friendly and inexpensive yoga apparel and yoga mats.

Check out their website for a wide range of affordable yoga mats and yoga apparel!

Besides the brand new yoga challenge happening this month, this month is also a pretty special one for me, because I have been featured on Her World magazine (May issue)!


It has been a very humbling and eye-opening experience, but I am glad that I can spread the love for yoga and hopefully make yoga even more accessible to everyone! If you are afraid to get started on yoga – don’t be. Because everyone starts somewhere, and no one can judge your practice but yourself <:

And I really like how the photo turned out <: I am also very amazed at how they made the patterns on my leggings look so vivid! If you’re curious, I got my leggings from Cotton On Body! It was a steal – $20 for the leggings! I don’t think they sell the ones I’m wearing anymore but if you are looking for affordable yoga clothing, you can check them out too <:

So, my thought of the month? Looking at my hectic life trying to juggle work, yoga practice, spending time with my boyfriend, and trying to spend more time and effort on this website, it would definitely be how can I make it better? I constantly have this thought in my mind, pushing myself to do better, to make it better, and to continue to grow this website.

I am also excited because as I enter the last month of my internship, I eventually will have more time to work on my website and provide more content to you guys especially in June!

Share with me your thought of the month, and also let me know if you’re joining me for this month’s yoga challenge! <: Drop me a message and tell me that you’re in!

Namaste <3

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