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Apologies for the unexpected hiatus on the Yoga Hacks series! To be honest I suffered a little bit of writer’s block + a whole lot of procrastination. But I am glad I can finally get down to actually writing the brand new post! I hope the Yoga Hack series have been useful for all of you so far – if there’s anything you would like to see on Yoga Hacks, hit me up and let me know – it might be the next content for my website!

We always see such beautiful yoga apparel on Tumblr, Instagram, and when we actually manage to find them on online stores, they are usually really pricey. As a struggling college student, I can barely afford to spend over $70 on a pair of yoga leggings! I always find myself lusting over these yoga clothes but never actually get to buy it because it is way out of my budget.

Don’t we wish we have Estelle’s closet?

While I own a few Lululemon clothing, I only buy them after contemplating over it for… months. But it is also a real struggle because I get bored of my clothes easily, and sometimes I just wish I can have a huge variety of yoga clothes to choose from, without a huge hole in my pocket!

So, I have decided to compile a list of affordable and beautiful yoga clothing that you can consider if you want to save that extra penny but still look good on the yoga mat.

Here are the top 5 affordable yoga brands that you have to check out:

1. Target

When I was in Canada, Target is always the place to go to for generally anything that’s affordable! I have also been told by quite a few yogi friends in the States that Target sells really affordable and good quality yoga/workout clothes.

I just saw their latest range and they look so pretty! Plus they are all under $20. I especially love the blue tie-dye yoga tank!

target1 target2

Target3C9 by Champion® Women's Leggings - Assorted Colors

From top left: C9 by Champion® Women’s Low Impact Yoga BraC9 by Champion® Women’s Yoga TankC9 by Champion® Women’s Yoga Layering Top With Side TieC9 by Champion® Women’s Leggings

Check out all their activewear here. There are also clothes for the gym and for running.

From what I’ve heard, reviews on Target activewear have been really positive. I haven’t tried it for myself but heard that it is good quality material and great value for money. Plus they have some really lovely designs on there, some pretty similar to Lululemon’s designs. So if you love Lululemon but it’s way out of your budget, Target might just have something for you!

2. Forever 21

I have seen Forever 21’s activewear range when I was in Canada and London, but they have never really caught my eye even though they are pretty affordable as well.

However, I am pretty impressed with the new range of activewear! They are really stepping up their game. In fact, some of their designs are pretty reminiscent of Nike. What makes Forever 21’s activewear really attractive is that they are very stylish, on top of being functional.

I had such a hard time picking 4 designs that I really like and I have only scrolled through 2 – 3 pages of their apparel! Strongly recommend you guys to check it out!

00089339-03 Contrast Panel Performance Leggings   FOREVER21   2000062511

Medium Impact  Reversible Speckled Sports Bra   FOREVER21   2000087803 Watercolor Athletic Leggings   FOREVER21   2000087838

From top leftOpen-Back Workout TankContrast Panel Performance LeggingsReversible Speckled Sports BraWatercolor Athletic Leggings

3. H&M

H&M has really affordable activewear as well, although they do have more expensive apparel such as their running tights. However, similar to Forever 21, they have a huge variety of activewear (as opposed to Target). There are quite a few yoga clothes that I am in love with, although I still prefer Forever 21’s style and design.

Product Detail   H M US5 Product Detail   H M US2

Product Detail   H M US3 Product Detail   H M US4

From top leftYoga JacketSports TightsYoga Tank Top, Sports Bra Medium Support

Check out their full range of activewear here!

4. Cotton On Body

I don’t own a lot of Cotton On Body apparel, but I have a pair of mountain leggings that many of you have asked where I got it from. It’s in a lot of my yoga photos! I got that pair of leggings at a steal, for less than $20 because it was on clearance. Its material is not bad – definitely not as stretchy as Nike Pro spandex but it still does the job. Plus it’s really affordable!

Cotton On Body has many chic and cute designs that I really like. Plus it’s super affordable especially if you’re living in Australia. If you live in the States, shipping may add up quite a bit but if you manage to get friends to shop with you online, you can save immensely on shipping costs!

Burn Spot Tank   Cotton On  Printed Active Tank   Cotton On

RL Studded Legging   Cotton OnCheeky Running Short   Cotton On

From top left: Burn Spot Tank, Printed Active Tank, RL Studded Legging, Cheeky Running Short (in pale gold)

Check out their full range here!

5. Old Navy

I personally have not come across any Old Navy apparel in real life, so I really can’t say for sure about its quality. However, from what I see from its website, it’s really affordable and they have rather nice colours and designs as well.

Women s Old Navy Active 2 in 1 Tanks   Old Navy Women s Old Navy Active Lightweight Anoraks   Old Navy

Women s Old Navy Active Perforated Running Shorts   Old Navy Women s Old Navy Active Printed Compression Capris  20     Old Navy

From top left: Women’s Old Navy Active 2-in-1 TanksWomen’s Old Navy Active Lightweight AnoraksWomen’s Old Navy Active Perforated Running ShortsWomen’s Old Navy Active Printed-Compression Capris (20″)

Check out their full range here.

It is possible to have a wardrobe full of yoga and workout clothing without busting a hole in your wallet. While there are great yoga brands out there that sells a huge variety of leggings and tank tops such as Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon, Teeki, and so on, these 5 brands sell similar quality clothes and leggings for a fraction of the price!

Do you have any other cheap yoga apparels that you would like to recommend? Or do you own any of these brands and how’s the quality? Share them in the comments below and help another fellow yogi out.


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