A couple of days ago, a friend who’s a photojournalist at The Straits Times (a local newspaper) asked me if I am interested to be in a weekly feature in its Sports section, called “Hot Bods”. I remember laughing for a really long time… I have never thought of myself as being possibly on such a weekly feature, and I found that suggestion pretty amusing for some odd reason.

But anyway, after I was done laughing and feeling like this is totally amusing, I decided to say yes to it. Honestly, I was a little uncomfortable about being on that feature because… well, I don’t really like to showcase my body to other people. I mean, that’s not the point of why I practice yoga or why I am so into fitness! Superficial motivations aside, it’s really the intrinsic satisfaction I get from working out that kept me going.

So I went for the shoot today, which was at the void deck right below my house! But, Matt is such a professional photographer, he made it look so beautiful and honestly I didn’t think taking yoga photos at the void deck would look that great. I loved every single photo shot and now I’m a little excited about how the photo turns out in print.

It’s a pity that I couldn’t keep the other photos because it’s technically the newspaper’s property. But the boyfriend was there and he managed to snap a few outtakes of the shoot, so I can share it with you guys!

10289928_10152113375851232_5043210208907982566_nHonestly wasn’t used to posing like this without striking a yoga pose, but eventually I kind of got the hang of it!

10329230_10152113376096232_124402245777452567_n  10380923_10152113053121232_8067255614728309563_n
These photos are my personal favourites – look at my million dollar smiles!

10298841_10152113375686232_1184388685064925813_nGoofing around in the middle of the shots 

What I really love about these photos is that they really reflect the joy I experience when doing yoga. I didn’t think I was smiling that widely, I didn’t think I looked like I was having so much fun, and I was just goofing around, being silly, being me. But that’s the beautiful thing about yoga. It allows me to be comfortable in my own skin, to accept myself, and to have fun. <: And I am grateful that yoga found its way into my life a year ago and never left especially during difficult times.

10390520_10152113351936232_5057875259640855272_nPhoto credit to: Matthias

I will be on The Straits Times next Sunday (25th May), and I may or may not share the article with you guys (it depends on how self-conscious I am, haha). But if you are Singaporean, do keep a look out if you want to see me in the papers! <:

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! <3 <3

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