Time seriously flies, and before we know it we are already at the halfway mark! Honestly, 2014 still feels like such a new year to me. I hope the past 5 months have been great for you. Even if it is not as good as you had envisioned it to be at the start of the year, there’s still another half of 2014 to make a difference! Keep going <:

May has been a great month for me. I did not expect myself to appear in a magazine and a newspaper in the span of a month, and I sure did not expect to have a few collaborations coming up for this website. I have been having so much fun, although it gets stressful trying to manage my website, work on my yoga practice, and at the same time juggling my internship which has crazy work hours.

However, things are going to change around here. June is the month of CHANGE for me. My internship is ending, and that allows me to place my time and attention on what I love the most – yoga. I am excited to see what this month will bring in terms of my yoga practice and in terms of this website.

For a start, I signed up at a new yoga studio – Pure Yoga! I have finally gone on to a bigger yoga studio that provides a much larger variety of yoga classes of varying levels instead of a boutique yoga studio. The great thing about Pure Yoga is that there are different levels of classes to work towards, and there is a huge variety of different classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, Dharma Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as meditation classes such as Chakra Cleansing. I am really excited to try out each of these classes, and see where all these brings me.

I will definitely be doing a more detailed post on Pure Yoga once I’ve settled in next week! So keep a look out for my post then!

Not only is the month of June a month of CHANGE for me, it’s also a month of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone in terms of my yoga practice. Bringing myself to classes that I have never attempted, going for more challenging classes, and pushing myself beyond what my mind tells me I can or can’t do. Being so busy with my internship for the first half of the year, I have definitely neglected progressing in terms of my practice, and I have been stagnating for awhile now. I am excited to see where all these will bring me. I promise to have an open mind, embrace my vulnerabilities, and celebrate little victories.


Which is why I am also taking part in an Instagram challenge called #summersplits2014 hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl! To be honest, there are a couple of poses on here that are still inaccessible to me, but I am going to have an open mind and see where this brings me. Like I’ve always said, it’s about finding your own variations and that makes your own practice unique.

I am also going to take part in a couple more Instagram challenges, given that there are so many going around right now, but it all depends because I don’t always have my boyfriend to take photos for me. But no matter whether it’s on social media or not, having a consistent practice will be a personal promise that I have made, and I will be sure to follow that through.

If you want to follow me on my yoga journey in June, follow me on Instagram for daily, bite-sized yoga updates! <:

What are your goals for June? Do you have any promises that you have made for yourself? Do you have any plans to make sure you follow through your promise for the month? Share them with me below!

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