Hello lovelies! It’s really crazy but time has flown by so fast and I haven’t been updating much for the past week. Aside from having a daily practice, there are some exciting projects coming up that I am really excited to share with you guys! But for now, do look out for a brand new yoga guide coming your way, a feature on my new yoga studio, Pure Yoga, and a couple more Yoga Hacks posts in the works!

I went on a short vacation with my family to Hong Kong last week for around 5 days. It was great family bonding time, and I really enjoyed myself a lot in Hong Kong. Aside from lots and lots of good food, I walked a whole lot, climbed a lot of stairs, and finally could navigate the family around with a traditional map (nope, not even Google maps!). Given how I’m a total klutz and I’m always so bad with directions, it’s quite a great feat for me!

10151968_10152177246471232_4892844026703960370_nReally loving the view on top the hill at Lantau Island!

I had a really great break after the 6 month long internship and this holiday couldn’t have come more timely! In fact, I’m heading back to Hong Kong again in July, but with some of my friends this time, so by then you can expect a lot more photos!

It’s been around 3 weeks since I’ve ended my internship and I have been going for daily yoga classes pretty diligently. I like to pair more intense and dynamic classes such as vinyasa yoga, bikram yoga, hatha yoga, with a much more restorative yoga class such as yin yoga. Sometimes I find myself spending the entire morning at the yoga studio, but I’m really loving the place so far. Will definitely be doing a more detailed post on Pure Yoga real soon, and they have studios in Singapore and Hong Kong! So, if you’re from Singapore or Hong Kong, you definitely have to check that place out.

10365995_10152177246416232_7804607099391804681_nPost yoga selfie after a 7am yoga class!

I am never an early morning person, but today, for the first time, I woke up at 5am to travel downtown for a 7am yoga class. Although I should be feeling really tired and groggy, I felt really great after the class! It was barely 8am when my class ended, and the day was just starting. I think I am going to do this more often. It really helps to kick start my day!

Downtown at dawn

But there’s also another reason why I woke up this early for an early morning yoga class. I wanted to go for a hatha class to get myself sufficiently warmed up for a photo shoot that was happening at 10am later that morning. This project has been in discussion for quite some time now and I am really honoured and excited to be a part of H&M Singapore’s launch of its new sportswear collection!

H&M Singapore always had a sportswear section, but the variety of apparel available locally is not as wide as the ones I’ve seen in the States, in Canada, or in UK for that matter. So, I am really happy to be a part of this when its new H&M outlet opens in Kallang Wave near the brand new Singapore Sports Hub!

I was invited to the H&M showroom 2 weeks ago to take a look at the new H&M Sports collection, and to pick out an outfit for its launch event that’ll be happening some time in July.

Getting really excited over colourful neon sportswear by H&M!

I wanted to share this with you guys so badly the moment H&M approached me, but I decided to keep it quiet first for fear of jinxing it, haha. But, the final product will be published on H&M Singapore’s Facebook page and Twitter, so keep a look out for it! I will be sharing it on my Instagram as well <:

I will be sharing several outtakes from today’s shoot leading up to the actual launch on my tumblr and Instagram pages. I am really in love with the brand new H&M Sports collection. Beautiful clothing at a fraction of the usual price of yoga clothing. I think you guys should be excited too!

Special shoutout to Yang for making sure I’m photoshoot-ready!

I have a few more side projects upcoming as well, so keep your eyes peeled because it will be a very interesting month for this website!

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer holidays so far! If the month hasn’t been going well for you, keep your head up and keep going. Everything will be alright. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end yet. <3


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