I often get questions on my tumblr about how I get my yoga photos taken. 99% of the time, I have my boyfriend as my photographer who was able to help me take yoga photos, and I am always grateful for his help. However, not everyone has a friend who can help you take yoga photos all the time! So in today’s Yoga Hacks, I am going to recommend some apps that you guys can check it out to take yoga photos on your own without needing a photographer!

Of course, this list is definitely *not* exhaustive. There are many great photo editing apps out there and I am just sharing the ones that I normally use. I get quite a few questions about what kind of apps I use in my yoga photos, so I hope this can help to answer some of your questions out there.

Check out some of the apps below to help you take beautiful yoga photos on your own!

Camera Timer!

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This app is really useful in helping you take yoga photos, not just because it provides the countdown timer before you take a photo, but also because you can choose to take multiple photos in a given time.

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For instance, you can opt for the camera to go off at 10 seconds, and take 5 shots every 2 seconds. That allows you ample time to get into your pose safely and slowly, and eventually still be able to get your shots.

My problem with most self-timers is that they normally have a pretty short countdown period, so sometimes you have to rush into a pose, which is not safe at all. Plus, there is no point in rushing into a yoga pose just to take a photo! Besides using a self-timer, you can also opt to take a video of your yoga practice, and take stills from the video itself. That is personally my favourite way to take yoga photos because it is not obstructive to my practice, and I can focus on my practice and take the photos later.

Check out the app here!


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Snapseed is not a camera timer, but it is a great app to edit and process your photos after you are done taking them. There are a variety of filters, and you can alter the tone and intensity of the filter. You can also alter the brightness and saturation of the photos as well. It provides a lot of flexibility for you to edit your photos and give it a certain look.


Check out the app here on App Store and Google Play!


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.10.06 am

VSCO Cam is my favourite photo editing tool on my iPhone, because of its beautiful filters, and there are also lots of options for you to play around with to edit your photos, such as temperature, sharpness, exposure, fade, and so on. I also love the interface of the app, it is really sleek and that really makes the whole photo editing experience a lot more pleasant.

I would highly recommend this app to those who are looking for a good photo editing app!

screen568x568 (1)

Check out the app here!


I hope today’s post will answer some of the questions about taking yoga photos that you may have. If you have any suggestions on some of the great apps out there that you can use to take yoga photos, feel free to comment below as well! I hope taking photos with your iPhones or Android phones have become a lot more accessible from now on. Have fun with these apps, and let me know what you think! <:

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