I always believe that yoga is not solely limited to the mat. Yoga is so much more than “perfecting” those asanas. Yoga, to me, is a way of life, it’s a way of thinking, treating, and loving people around us. And yoga is definitely such a strong pillar in my life that has been a steady rock in the ups and downs of life.

So, I decided to start a weekly series called “Weekly Inspiration” just to post a thought of the week or quote of the week that resonates the most with me personally, for us to start off the brand new week with some refreshing thoughts to mull on! This week’s hashtag, #BeKindAllTheTime, is inspired by one of my favourite instayogis, @yulady, and is definitely something that I will be consciously practicing this week, and in the weeks beyond.

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Came across this on Facebook and I really like this quote. Always try to be loving, be kind, and believe that we can always choose to be kinder to other people. Spreading love and kindness is always a choice that we can make.

Have a beautiful week ahead! I will be keeping this thought close to my heart, and I hope you will too <3

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