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The moon cycle (also known as shark week) is probably my most dreaded time of the month. I’ve always struggled with really bad menstrual cramps, backaches, moodiness, and lethargy during my moon cycle. Sometimes, I have to disrupt my daily routine just to curl up in bed to nurse the pain and mood swings away. While yoga has really helped a lot in terms of relieving my menstrual cramps and the physical lethargy, it is definitely the time of the month that I absolutely dread.

To me, PSLove, a local start-up that sends period care packages to women every month, is literally an angel from heaven. According to your own moon cycle, PSLove sends these care packages on a monthly basis to your house, packed with sanitary pads, snacks, tea, and lots of love.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.11.19 pmThe main page of PSLove!

There are a variety of care packages for you to choose from, from the basic package (just sanitary pads), to the PMS buster (with heat packs and tea bags), to the Complete Happiness (packed with snacks, biscuits, tea), there is definitely something that will suit you. I was very impressed with how I could personalise my own care package, choosing whether you prefer nuts to chocolates, whether you would like heat packs and tea. It is so detail-oriented and is definitely something that I really appreciate.

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It even came with a personalised note!

I really love how beautiful the box is, and how nicely everything was pieced together. The sanitary pads are packed and nicely labelled so you will not get mixed up with the different pads, and the snacks and tea bags were packed on the other side.

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I was the most excited about the Organic Rosehip Hibiscus Tea, and of course, the teddy grahams! All these instantly lifts my mood and I can’t wait to snack on them already. This made the moon cycle a lot less painful to go through, both physically and mentally.

My “Yoga Guide for a Happy Period!” will be included in the care packages as little booklets for the month of August as well as the new subscribers that come onboard until end September. These booklets will be great guides to help you get moving to ease up the menstrual cramps and PMS!

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Most importantly, PSLove is giving 10% off for first month’s purchase! Simply quote “Angie”, and you’ll be receiving the yoga guidebooks in your packages as well. 

As I’ve mentioned in the earlier post, PSLove and I are also having a giveaway as well.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Share with us your favourite asana that has helped you relieve the stress and tension during your moon cycle on Instagram (and/or Tumblr)
  2. Follow me (@sassyyogi) and PSLove (@pslove_co), and remember to tag us in the photo!

The giveaway ends on 22nd August, and we will be giving out 20 booklets of Yoga Guide for a Happy Period! These booklets contain 10 yoga poses to relieve menstrual cramps. They will be a handy guide and companion to your yoga practice.

I really hope that you guys will enjoy these period care packages as much as I have, and the package is definitely a great way for me to get through my moon cycle as painlessly as it possibly can <:

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