Hello you guys! This weekly section took a backseat last week because it was a pretty difficult week for me. School was getting pretty stressful, there were so many things coming together all at once, and I fell sick. So, in fact, a lot of things took a backseat, besides this website! I skipped a few yoga classes too because I knew that my body needed the rest. So, I listened to my body and tried to sleep more, and eat more healthily. However, I hope your week wasn’t as rough as mine!

This week’s inspiration is all about enjoying the journey. Sometimes this is such a difficult lesson for me to learn because I am always wanting to work fast, to get my aim fast, and this accelerated attitude may be helpful to my productivity at times, but it is not sustainable. It leads to burn out and it leads to fatigue! I think this was why I fell sick last week. So I thought that it is definitely a timely reminder for me.

This is especially pertinent in yoga too! It’s not about getting that fancy looking asana down, it’s about honouring your body’s needs and listening to your body. Eventually, that handstand will come. That fancy looking asana may come to you. But for now, just enjoy the time of your mat, and remember to have fun and smile. <:

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 7.02.16 pm

What are some of the things that you are working on right now? Feel free to share them with me, and remember, embrace the journey!

Have a great week ahead, namaste!

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