Happy Monday everyone! A brand new week beckons and I hope September has been treating everyone well so far! It’s crazy to think that I’m already more than 1 month into the new semester, and things have been getting pretty intense and crazy. Which explains my absence from the website! (Really think I need to do a lot better in terms of being consistent with my postings though!)

However, I do post daily on Instagram, so do give me a follow if you are on Instagram as well so we can connect!


This week’s inspiration is all about being kind to yourself. Most of the time we always emphasize on being kind to others, but actually being kind to yourself is something that is extremely important as well, especially in times of stress and difficulties. Last week, I was suddenly given a 24-hour deadline for a school assignment, and suddenly it was crunch time. I spent the next 2 days working on the assignment and fine-tuning it. I had to skip yoga because I have another test next week that I had to study for too. But in the end everything turned out well and I did well for the assignment as well, which was something that I was really grateful for. Most importantly, I didn’t stress myself out and feel bad about skipping yoga. I did what I needed to do and I trusted that I did the right thing by reorganising my priorities for the week. Being kinder to myself helped me handle stress and deadlines a lot better too.

Therefore, I thought this is something really important and something that I should share with you guys as well. Hope this would help you if you’re going through a pretty stressful week this week!

Have a great week ahead, and remember, be kind of yourself! <3

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