Hello everyone! How’s Monday treating you so far? Awesome? Bleurgh? Whichever the case, I hope you’re still smiling regardless! That almost always makes things a whole lot better. <:

For this week’s inspiration, I would like to share with you the importance of optimism! Personally, I can’t help but snicker at the fact that I’m actually talking about this, because I am definitely not the most optimistic person around here. In fact, I worry so much. My boyfriend calls me a “worrier”, and sometimes I stress myself out so much too. But, I’m definitely learning to be better at this.

The past few weeks in school have been intense, and it’s only going to get worse. Last week was definitely a test of my perseverance, but despite the rough week, I was trying really hard to be optimistic. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would realise that I have been posting a couple of quotes to start off the day. It’s not just to inspire those who come across the post, but also to inspire myself.


Life is more often than not a mental game. It’s normally pretty much how we make it out to be. I can’t really change the fact that school is going to be intense and stressful, so much so that I have to skip yoga classes to get my work done. But, I can make it better by not freaking out and stressing out. Sometimes I still lapse into old habits, but I think I’m dealing with stress a lot better now. It’s always a work in progress! Mentally, it’s like bringing my yoga practice out of the mat and into the classroom.

So, no matter how stressful things may be, or how grim things may look, you can make things a teeny weeny bit better by smiling and encouraging yourself. Positive self-talk is very important. You only have yourself, and if you can’t encourage yourself, nothing else will. <:

Regardless, I hope you have a good week ahead! If things are pretty crazy, remember, this too shall pass.

Take care! <3

(And by the way, there are a couple of exciting things coming up on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled for this space! <:)

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