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How has your week been? Hope you guys managed to get some rest time amidst all the craziness! I had a pretty tiring but productive week, and in fact, I spent the end of my week participating in a 2 day Introduction to Yoga workshop conducted by Tirisula Yoga Singapore. I jumped at the chance to be a part of this especially since I have been planning to go for yoga teacher training for awhile now. So this was definitely a great way to get acquainted with how YTT will be like!

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Tirisula Yoga is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town and is nestled in Arab Street. It has 2 locations – 62 Arab Street where its shop is, and 80B Arab Street where its studio is at. Interestingly, Tirisula Yoga is not your typical yoga studio – it is a yoga teacher training school. Although it does conduct classes from time to time, it focuses on teacher training instead. In fact, it is one of the first schools that brought in yoga teacher training to Singapore 14 years ago.

Spent the two day exploring the various asanas, with the first day being focused on flexibility (#tiribendit) and the second day on balance (#tiriholdit). Unlike the dynamic and fast-paced yoga classes that I was typically used to, the two sessions were a lot more focused on posture, alignment, and knowing the muscles involved in getting into the various poses.

The first day of the session was conducted by Master Teacher Weiling, and the second day of the workshop was led by Master Teacher Paalu.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetWeiling demonstrating the warm-up stretches with another Tirisula yoga teacher Pamela

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetMaster Teacher Paalu giving me a deeeeeeep stretch in myย Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetHolding Salamba Sirsasana with Eugena (@itzeugena) for our #tiriholdit challenge!

I had more takeaways from this workshop that I had ever expected or imagine. I think one of the key reminders that really stuck with me is really about removing ego from your own yoga practice. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to nail that fancy-looking asana that we forget that yoga is all about looking within. It’s really about listening to your body’s needs, listening to your mind, and it’s not a competition, and it’s certainly not about how good it looks in other people’s perspective. This is definitely a very timely reminder in my own yoga practice. <:

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetEugena and I giving each other a good stretch on the back during one of our warm-ups

Besides the asana practice, there was also a yoga theory workshop for the second half of the day as well. I particularly liked the yoga theory session by Master Teacher Weiling about different body types and how yoga can help to balance the five elements in our body. I really appreciate how this will help to serve my practice and remind myself to practice yoga more mindfully according to my body’s needs.

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I am going to miss the wonderful and positive vibes from all the other fellow yogis! Many of them are first-time yogis, and it’s really amazing how they are so open-minded and adventurous in exploring various asanas that they have never tried before.

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Last but not least, here’s a shoutout to the sponsors of the event: Rachel K Cosmetics, Belief Singapore, The Fitness Grocer, Provenance Distributions and Infuusa! I truly enjoyed myself thoroughly and learnt so much from this 2-day workshop. Now I can’t wait to see what a 200 hour yoga teacher’s training will bring for my own practice!

Here’s something for you guys too! Tirisula Yoga is having a 50-hour Yoga Transformation workshop, where you will be learning about yoga postures and the proper alignment, foundations of yoga philosophy, breathing techniques, chakras and applications, and sequencing your own self-practice flow. The January intake is now open and it is a great way for anyone who wants to get acquainted with more in-depth knowledge of yoga and may be thinking about pursuing teacher training in the future.

Check out this link, and you are entitled to 50% off the January intake! Have fun, and do let me know if you’re going for the course! xx

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