This post is courtesy of Mala Collective

It is pretty crazy how long it took me to sit down to write this post, simply because I have been struggling to find the right words to fully describe my experience ever since I received my very first mala in the mail from the Mala Collective. The timing was pretty apt – school was getting really stressful for me and I really needed something to ground myself and calm myself down amidst the fast-paced nature of school curriculum and even life in general.

Many people (including myself) would ask – how do you pick your own mala? As what the Mala Collective very nicely put it – sometimes it’s the mala that chooses you. You just need to surrender yourself to the process when picking your own mala, and see which mala you are drawn to the most. Of course, besides listening to your heart, a great way would be to look within and think about what are some of the things that you feel are lacking in your life – whether it is patience, love, compassion, strength, resilience, and many more. From that, you can then look at which gemstones would help bring in some of these elements in your life.

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To be honest, I was drawn to my Ocean Turquoise Mala very primarily because of the aesthetics. I loved the colour and how it matches really nicely with the rudraksha seeds. However, what sealed the deal for me, was the intention behind turquoise, which is to destroy negative feelings and thoughts, increase love, and provide strength and protection against any challenges along the way. I often tend to get carried away with negative feelings, and it was something that was very unhealthy. Therefore, I knew that this mala was going to provide the positive energy and intention that I needed.

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When I received the mala, I was blown away by how beautiful the mala was. Most importantly, I could feel the positive energy and intention flowing the moment I held the mala in my hands. As I wore it to school every day, I felt calmer, more grounded, and was able to deal with the stress and negativity in a much more productive manner. Sometimes, we all just needed a little switch in perspective when dealing with problems in life, and for me, the mala provided me with the support and strength that I needed to make that little switch. That in itself made a whole lot of difference to my life.

Check out the Mala Collective and their beautiful range of mala necklaces and bracelets. While mala has been used in prayer and meditation throughout history, simply by wearing the mala and consciously garner positive thoughts would make a great difference to the energy that you emit to others. xx

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