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I must say that the yoga community in Singapore is growing and it’s growing real quick. It is an exciting time to be a part for the Singapore yoga community, and it is pretty evident with the growth of more and more yoga apparel retailers in Singapore. That only spells good news for most of us (and bad news for our wallets), because this means that more and more brands are being brought in now! We now have a wider variety of yoga apparels to choose from, and that is definitely a great way to spice up our practice on the mat.

SoulHaute is another brand new retailer in Singapore, that brings in less accessible yoga brands such as Candida Maria, Daughters of Culture, Purusha People, Simply Stated Apparel, and Anjali Clothing. Not only do they have a wide range of beautiful yoga leggings and tops to choose from, it also means that it is less likely to bump into someone wearing the same legging as you when you go for classes next time!

IMG_9196If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would know that I am a huge fan of Candida Maria leggings now, because of how vibrant, comfortable and lightweight it is. It also helps to dissipate sweat really quickly and easily, which makes it ideal for hot classes. The tank tops from Simply Stated Apparel is not only quirky and cute, it has a really flattering cut as well. It is definitely one of my go-to tank tops whenever I want to find a comfy and lightweight top to wear to yoga class.


To be honest, my first impressions of the Daughters of Culture leggings were a little reserved, because at first touch, the material of the leggings is not what you would typically expect from a pair of yoga leggings. However, after wearing it to a regular Vinyasa class, the material of the leggings is really light and cooling. In essence, it really makes you almost forget that you have leggings on, haha.

Do check out SoulHaute if you are looking for an atypical yoga apparel brand to fall in love with, and I promise they are like an undiscovered gem in the market. So, be one of the first yogis to get your hands on their apparel before anyone else does!

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