This post is courtesy of Infuusa.

Not all of us are fans of plain water, and some of us are always looking for a thirst-quenching solution after a great workout. But do you know that most energy drinks are laden with too much sugar and calories that we don’t actually need?

Infuusa is a convenient way for you to prepare your infused water without having to buy separate ingredients, chop them up, and add them into a flask. Because they come in the form of teabags, it reduces your preparation time substantially. Not only that, it only uses natural ingredients with real fruits, berries, and tea leaves. There is no sugar added, only stevia for a little hint of sweetness.

The longer you leave the teabag to sit, the tastier the infused water gets. I personally love the Quad Berry infusion, and I find myself drinking it not only after my yoga sessions, but also while I’m doing my work at my desk. It’s tasty and guilt-free! It does not have to be a post work-out drink, and in fact there are so many possibilities – for parties, dinners, tea time, office, and many more.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.36.19 am
Infuusa’s new 2015 infusions

Do check out Infuusa for their creative infusions, and make your purchase via this link to get $5 off storewide. Happy infusing!

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