This post is courtesy of Onzie Activewear.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a lookbook post, and this time I really had fun shooting for this set of apparel that was sent over by Onzie all the way from Los Angeles.

Prior to this, I owned a pair of Peacock leggings from Onzie, but this time the material of their Arctic leggings feels extra comfy and stretchy. I’ve always preferred cooler colour tones to warmer ones, so I naturally gravitated to the beautiful and versatile print on the Arctic leggings. The leggings also feels especially snug and cooling, with its material dissipating sweat easily.


The back details on the Tulip tank top caught my attention the moment I saw it on the web. Definitely one of my go-to pieces whenever I’m looking for a cheeky top to wear over my sports bra when I travel from my yoga class to where I teach.


Do check out Onzie’s collection on their website, as well as their Instagram to spice up your practice on the mat, or on the streets. x


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