This post is courtesy of Rewalkz Me

Rewalkz Me is an online platform that seeks to incentivise your workout through syncing your fitness trackers with their platform, where the points earned through completing weekly challenges will entitle you to various rewards specially curated by the Rewalkz team. I am glad to partner up with Rewalkz Me for the month of June as an ambassador to highlight the various benefits of using such a platform, integrating fitness trackers into your daily lifestyle, and eventually creating long lasting healthier habits through incentives on these platforms!


Throughout the course of the month, I was provided with a Fitbit Flex to test out the fitness tracker and see how they fit into my daily routine. As the Fitbit Flex works more like a pedometer in terms of counting steps, I was really curious to see how the Fitbit would integrate into my yoga routine.

Interestingly, the Fitbit is still able to calculate steps taken even during the yoga session. It also allows you to input your activity for the day and that will add on to the daily calorie consumption. Therefore, I was able to hit the daily goal 10,000 steps by just adding a little bit more walking into my daily life.

There are brand new weekly challenges on Rewalkz Me, and this ensures that you will never run out of challenges to continuously push yourself and just incentivise your workout through these mini challenges. What is a better way to get fit other than to be rewarded while doing it right?


Rewalkz Me is currently syncing Fitbit and Jawbone on to their platform, and they will be eventually integrating Striiv as well. Follow me closely on Instagram as I document my journey using Rewalkz Me with the Fitbit tracker, and I will check back in with you guys towards the end of the month to see how I feel about using the platform. Rewalkz Me can be accessed worldwide, not just in Singapore! So every one of you will definitely be able to jump on the bandwagon.

Check out Rewalkz Me on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. Have fun! x

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