This post is courtesy of ohsosom

Being a badass is about pushing the boundaries of conventions. It’s about being confident, brave, and unapologetically yourself. It’s about going against self-imposed limitations and rediscovering the real potential in yourself. It is about knowing that your yoga practice is no one else’s but your own. It’s about understanding that your own practice is a larger reflection of yourself and your personality. It’s about filling up the blank canvas (that is your mat) with your practice – with its strengths, vulnerabilities, and quirks all combined into 1.

And that is why I really resonated with the core idea of “being a badass” with the apparel that ohsosom creates. Because they are such a huge champion for being unapologetically yourself, for being a badass, for being a confident and self-empowering yogi, that I felt that sort of confidence rub off on me when I wear their apparel.

I am in love with the Lorraine and Jodie leggings – they are absolutely adorable and certainly the kind of apparel that instantly lights up your yoga practice (and your wardrobe). They are extremely stretchy, not sheer, and definitely a staple in my yoga wardrobe.

If ohsosom’s branding is not self-explanatory, I believe these tank tops embody the ohsosom spirit like no other. I love my “Kiss My Asana” tank, and the “wild thing” tank. They just make me feel so proud of being a yogi when I wear that out into the streets. Not to mention, they are also perfect tank tops to wear off the yoga mat, paired with a pair of denim shorts for the summer season.

Check out ohsosom on their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming collections and show your love for their latest range if you haven’t gotten them already. Rediscover your badassery on the mat with ohsosom. x

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