Welcome to the brand new series of sharing weekly intentions for your practice both on and off the mat. As I shared weekly #mondaymantra on Instagram as a way for me to set an intention and goal for the coming week, I thought it would be especially meaningful to launch this on my website, together with tips to guide you to manifest your intention both on and off the mat.  Feel free to share your interpretation of this week’s intention and together we create a wonderful resource for everyone to use and set their intention for their practice and lives off the mat.

Given that this is the very first post of this series, I thought it will be especially apt to think about renewal and reinvigoration in this week’s intention assignment.

Seeking renewal from the routine

It is often easy to be able to find excitement and renewal from brand new adventures, experiences, and the like. However, it is often the most difficult to seek renewal from the daily routines, habits, things and experiences that we tend to associate it as ‘mundane’. Often times when we become comfortable from our routines, habits (good or bad), we start to enter an auto pilot mode.

Are we truly leading a boring life, or have we stopped seeking improvement, renewal, and excitement in our daily lives? Are our lives simply mundane, or have we stopped looking for different perspectives and brand new opportunities?

In this week of renewal and reinvigoration, we seek to find brand new meaning and awareness to the things we do, and seek to find new ground in experiences, opportunities (however big or small), that presents themselves in our lives. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Declutter your surroundings

Finding renewal can first start from your physical surroundings, be it your home, your work place, or any place that you find yourself spending a lot of time in. Often times, during the process of decluttering our belongings, we find that we shed off the excess that we do not necessarily need. By decluttering our physical surroundings, that is where we begin our internal work of finding renewal in a place where we are already so familiar with.

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Need help to get started? Check out Marie Kondō‘s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, or 8 key lessons drawn from Kondō’s book, by One Kings Lane.

2. Declutter your mind

With the fast paced nature of our daily lives, cluttered with endless social media notifications, work notifications, email that are screaming to be attended to, it can get difficult to draw a line between personal and professional. We are so inundated with endless to-do lists and things to attend to that it is hard to be present.

When I deleted by Gmail app two weeks ago, that was the most liberating decision I have ever made for myself. Subsequently, I had a really great Chinese New Year break unplugged from professional commitments. If you are one who finds it difficult to compartmentalise work and personal, perhaps it’s time to get a separate work mobile phone, or start to be disciplined about muting work-related Whatsapp chat groups, your Gmail notifications, and maybe even social media. They can all wait till the end of your break.

If you are someone who enjoys writing, perhaps writing down in a little journal or diary can help you take the first step to declutter your mind. It can be gratitude journal, a work journal, or just a notebook scribbled with random thoughts, reflections, and inspirations. Having a private outlet to express your thoughts will go a long way to help you sort out your mind.

3. The art of open-mindedness

Practice open mindedness when approaching new experiences. It can be a new sport, a new hobby, or just entering a new social situation. We usually back off from new experiences because our imagination of ‘worst case scenarios’ often daunt us rather than encourage us. Entering a brand new situation with no expectations and with open mindedness can be one of the hardest lessons to follow through.

Find a new sport or activity to try it out this weekend. Find a buddy to go with you if you need that added motivation. We often gain brand new perspectives whenever we find ourselves trying something new, allowing ourselves to know our strengths and weaknesses, no matter physical or mental, a little better.


How do these three tips help you to seek renewal and reinvigoration both on and off the mat? Share your experiences via the comments below and I’m looking forward to hear all about your week. Have a great week! x

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