Happy Monday! With the brand new week upon us, it is time to once again dwell upon our intention assignment of the week, and this week’s reminder on humility allows us to set that intention both on and off the mat.

With the intention of humility this week, it is time to think about how we have been lapsing into complacency at various aspects of our lives, not just in yoga. Have we been flippant in our commitments, or have we been not as present on the mat and relationships as we would like?

The danger of complacency

Often times whenever we progress deeper into our yoga practice, we often find ourselves lapsing into the attitude of complacency. We tend to start taking things for granted and we end up forgetting about appreciating the journey and becoming too fixated on the end point – perhaps about achieving a more advanced pose.

When complacency sets in, that is where the danger sets in as well. It becomes easy to forget about the simple, yet important things like safety, alignment of even the most foundational of poses. And when we start to become more complacent, the danger of injury becomes ever more significant.

Similarly, off the mat, whenever we start to take certain things for granted, that is when mindful growth stops and we seem to be in the state of ‘auto-pilot’. Constantly self reflecting and staying grounded in humility allows us to take stock of our personal growth and allows us to be more aware of our own growth and journey.

Importance of self reflection

Self reflection is one of the most important and effective ways to work on staying humble and grounded. In moments of self reflection, it is important for us to be honest with ourselves and be ready to ask ourselves difficult questions – have we been absent in certain aspects and commitments of our lives? Have we allowed complacency and arrogance to take over especially when it comes things that we seem to be better at?

Therefore, it is important for us to take a few moments of our days to take stock of our lives, how we have been approaching various commitments and aspects of our lives (whether mindfully or not), and make those moments of self reflection sacrosanct. If writing is something that you love, take up a habit of journaling. Really stretched for time? There are lots of apps that will help you with that. Look out for a post next week on the benefits and importance of journaling and self reflection that will be detailing more of these.

This week as you get on the mat, ask yourself: How can you make today’s practice a more humble, a more mindful one? How can you catch yourself in moments of absence, auto-pilot, and bring yourself back on the mat again?

Have a beautiful week! x

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