My daily routine and job includes a fair amount of perspiration and grime, and therefore I am typically getting around my day with little to no make up just to allow my skin to breathe. Therefore, it is always a nice bonus to have perfectly shaped brows even with your fresh face on.

With the pre-wedding shoot coming up, it was so timely that Browhaus Singapore reached out and offered their expertise – brow threading. I headed to their outlet at Cathay just a week ago to get my brows threaded and tinted just to get that naturally filled and shapely brows for the upcoming trip. I really enjoyed my time at Browhaus – they were extremely meticulous and conscientious in providing a comfortable service for me.

The whole process of threading and colour tweaking took about 30 minutes. The colour tweaking took about 10 minutes while waiting for the colour to settle into the brows, and the brow threading was relatively quick. If you are new to brow threading, the first few moments of threading might take a little while to get used to. I have quite a high tolerance for pain so it was a relatively pain free process for me. You will feel a tugging sensation at the eyebrows during the threading process, and they will constantly check in with you to see if you’re doing okay during the session. As I have tried both brow waxing and threading, I personally prefer threading as it is gentler on my skin and gives you more natural looking brows at the end.

Eyebrows are said to play a significant role in framing your face, and hence I was thankful that Browhaus was here to help me thread my brows in time for my pre wedding shoot. Coincidentally, I had a couple of shoots this week with Uniqlo Singapore and Vivre Activewear, and therefore their waterproof and sweatproof brow liner was the perfect companion for yoga shoots under the sun.

Now with these, it takes a lot lesser time for me to fill up my brows and I am ready to head out for the day. Even without any other make up, just filling in the brows would do wonders in making you look fresher for the day!

With their Summer Olympics campaign, Thread and Fill (a quirky take on Track and Field), Browhaus is giving away their brow pencil worth SGD17.90 when you go to Browhaus Cathay and quote “SASSYYOGI”. This promotion ends 31 August so head on to Browhaus quickly so you do not miss the deal!

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